Video Brochure

video cover.jpg

Merging print and digital

Combine attractive and professionally designed print design, with modern day media flair to achieve a highly engaging and rich-feeling marketing, advertising, or promotional piece that TRULY stands out from the crowd!

These LED video brochures are approximately 5.75 inches tall, 8.25 inches wide, and about 3/8th’s of an inch thick

  • Custom designed and printed on all sides (process 4/c)

  • LED display size: 800x480

  • Flash memory, 256MB — 8GB available

  • Built in lithium battery

  • Built in speaker

  • Video format: MPEG

  • Image/slides: JPG, PNG

  • Folded promo size: 5.75 tall, 8.25 wide, .375 thick

  • Magnetic clasp keeps it shut

  • Has play, stop, forward, volume buttons and USB port

  • 50 minimum quantity

Turn around time: Roughly 6 weeks total for concept, design, video, and produced/delivered piece. 

Roughly $100 each (less with higher quantity), plus cost to design and create video/animation/slide show— $7500-$12K+ depending on project.


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