ToddTalk 3 - How YES will change your world

Want to see a huge difference in your world? The power of “YES” can have profound effects on your life— your business, your relationships, and your overall well being. Listen in on one of Todd’s car-ride ToddCasts as he talks about how YES will change your world!

ToddTalk 2 - How to be a kickass creative business

ToddTalk on kicking ass in a creative business. This ToddTalk is for all my recent interns— sharing ideas for kicking butt in a modern creative space. If you’re a new freelancer or creative type that wants to start a business, or get in the creative space, start here…

ToddTalk 1 - How philosophy shapes your world

Quick ToddTalk on philosophy and what impact it has on your life, your business, and the outcome of everything you do in life.