Start your website with this simple questionnaire

Since there are a number of factors in creating the ideal website, the following key questions helps both you determine the ideal website— and helps me understand your needs better to recommend the perfect creative solution.

Why do you want a new website?
(It sucks, needs to be modernized, I don’t have one…)

What is the purpose/goal of the website?
(create brand awareness, sell products, compete, etc…)

What cool websites inspire you? 
(Sites you visit that you might want something similar to…)

What type of people will use this site? (Demographics)
(corporate clients, teenagers, small medium business, enterprise, local, women, kids, etc…)

Do you plan on updating the site regularly, or “set it and forget it.”

Once the site is done, who will work on your website/implement changes, etc…
(We can do them for you, but you may have someone on staff…)

Will we be working one-on-one with you, or with a team, group, or other?

Do you plan to actively market your website? 
(Social media, email—you may need social media artwork banners, etc…)

Would you like to add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) support?
(Keep your site up in rankings, and a competitive edge…)

Will you need branding support?
(Help creating your logo, branding improvements, making your brand image stronger— or do you have what you need)

Will you need help creating the content?
(Starting from scratch, getting it from existing material, etc…)

Do you own your own domain name and hosting account?
(If you have a current site, where is it hosted, and who maintains it…)

Will you want e-commerce?
(Will you be selling anything on your site…)

How many pages do you envision on your website?
(Provide a list of the pages you envision initially— Home, about, services, contact, etc…)

If you were to estimate an ideal cost— what do you have in mind
(Your ideal budget range)

What is your ideal turnaround?
(Ideal hard launch date?)

Last question— How literate are you on the above questions?
(Regarding the questions above— do you get it? Or scratching your head? This helps me understand where you are…)

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