If you are creative, create.

Too many people waste their time not living their true purpose. And if they’re creative, they often forgo their God given ability to truly create. That means letting go, and letting God as they say… Allowing your inner creativity sizzle and expand outward. It’s to be shared, exposed, and enjoyed by all. 

Think of it as harnessed energy—if even only mental energy, it’s still energy. And if it’s not used or allowed to vent it will find a way to manifest itself. Often, repressed creativity leads one to a strange sense of feeling “off.” As if not connected, or not doing what you think you should be doing— or often a feeling of unhappiness. 

When you are inspired (in-spirit) you are flowing. It feels right. Time passes by happily and often quickly. So imagine being a flower and “deciding” not to flower. Just a dead stalk. No beauty, no bees, no pollen, no sharing your nature with the universe. You are withholding and denying the purpose for which you were created. So if you are creative, CREATE.