Marketing ones creative Self

In addition to having talent and abilities, or drive and passion in the creative space, is marketing ones creative Self. If you do it for fun, sharing it to inspire others or letting your creative Self shine outward is a good idea. The flower expresses its “Self” by nature— and so should you. And it’s not bragging or boasting—it’s being, expressing, and sharing. You know how you are drawn to others, impressed by works of art, or enamored by all the things in the world? By allowing your expression of creativity you align with and play and important part of that as well.

So how? Connect with or create a network. Social media is a great place to start. But friends, colleagues, associates, clubs, art shows, and other ways to get your “stuff” put there… Start with creating or sharing on social media though.

Professionally—you MUST market your Self. Your level of success, outcome and results are directly related to how much effort you put in to your marketing. And there are many, MANY ways of doing that today.

Start with social media. Create or work hard at using it regularly. Expand a useful, strategic, and meaningful  list of contacts. People that will either help, support, help grow, or contribute to your growth, sales, and success. Create raving, exciting fans that want to be a part of your network. Create awesome, useful, meaningful content that they MUST have. Show your stuff, advertise and market your wares—regularly and consistently.

For beginners only…

Other ways to market your creative Self might be using social media advertising campaigns—connecting to qualified leads. People that need your services. You can also leverage modern day online clubs, such as Fivr (, or InDeed (— two popular freelance sites that you can grow and expand your design business. There are downfalls there however, you share your money with their fees— and become reliant on their platforms instead of your own— which I personally think is best. But, starting out, sure— grab some freelance work on those sites. Work it, expand it, grow it. At least try these things and see what works… And there are others. Etsy is a great DIY site for master crafters and designers alike. Amazon, Google, and other big players have stores and sites that allow you to sell your wares as well. Even Craigs List ( has leads if you search or advertise your stuff on their help wanted section.

The bottom line?

You need to get your name out there. Advertise your stuff. Talk about it, develop strategic, aggressive, and meaningful game plans to get your name out there, advertise your business, services, or abilities. And remember you get out what you put in. BIG (well thought out, meaningful, and truly passionate) effort means big results. LITTLE and meaningless effort will equate to absolutely nothing. It’s that simple.

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