Branding and Identity—Some key questions.

Branding and Identity

Key questions to get started.

A brand, is an experience. It’s a meaningful, and passionately created existence. It can be a product, a service, or business. It can even be a person, a team, or a volunteer organization. And while some of the strongest brands are organically grown and naturally attractive, powerful and compelling some may take more work to craft. But in the end, the strongest brands in the world are effective and draw in a tremendous following. They get results and in some cases create a very powerful ever lasting “institution” with profound effects on the whole world. Think of a company like Nike that can turn $2 of fabric into a $35 t-shirt. THAT is what branding can do. Here are a few key takeaways to consider in developing your brand:

The name

If you have one—Name of your product, service, company, or business:

What does your name mean— where does it come from?

If you do NOT have one, what are some ideas you have? Name 5-10 ideas for a business name:

What business are you in?

List a series of “keywords” people might use to find you online (as many as you can):

The brand

If you have a logo— what does it represent?

If you do NOT have a logo, what symbols, icons, or graphics come to mind with your business?

Name three brands you are impressed with:

Do you have any websites you are impressed with?

When someone sees your brand (logo) what should it represent? What should it mean?

What bothers you most about your brand identity right now?

Do you own any copyrights, patents or trademarks currently?

Do you see your brand as a single company brand, or possibly a group of brands under one name (divisions)?

The mission

Your primary mission or purpose—your “elevator pitch”— a sentence that summarizes your business:

What values are important to you?

Why should people call you? What makes you the best?

What technologies or capital will you need to invest in to complete in the future?

What’s your top money-maker now?

What value do you bring to the marketplace?

The customer

Who is your typical, current customers— who will engage with you, and conduct business?

(Be specific here, age, location, business types, etc…)

Who SHOULD be your customers? (target customers)

What are your customers needs?

What different needs will they have in the future? 

Who is NOT your ideal customer? Who we steer away from:

What social media platform might your audience be on?

The reach

How you GET business customers— how do they find you currently?

How do you connect with or communicate with your customers?

Do you use, or engage with social media? Which ones?

What events might you consider going to or having a presence at?

Where do most people find out about your type of business?

Do you own or have access to a web domain name currently?

Do you own or have access to a web hosting account currently?

The competition

Who is your top competition? 

How are you different than your main competition?

The future

Where do you see your business in a year?

Where do your see your business in 5 years?

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

Get creative.