eDocuments. The chameleon of design.

I wanted to re-post a prior blog here by popular demand! To show you how one bit of content—one document can be conformed into MANY different types of eDocuments…

There’s no creative law that says “thou shall only create content the way it’s always been.” In the creative space, tapping into imagination and creativity means allowing exciting, fresh, and invigorating ideas to flow through and out. And that goes for everything— and in this case, ebooks and infographics.

An ebook (electronic book) is an on-screen document that can be as creatively intense— full of great content, awesome artwork, and exciting interactivity— or as simple as plain old text. An infographic is a ‘graphical representation’ of data or content, and can also be exciting, well-designed and fun, or as simple as can be. The goal should be to make the content easy to digest, fun to engage, and ultimately help throw your customers down the beautiful funnel directly to you!

The best part of imagination, at least for me, is that you can create anything. That is, after all, what creation is— right? And when it comes to ANY deliverable or creative project, there’s no reason to stick to the ‘norm.’ Imagine—create. 

For ebooks, and infographics I make it a must that I always think creatively—making it sing, energize, and behave in a way that makes it super compelling and easy to understand. Fonts, color, graphics, layout, design, and then the myriad of options that allow us to add interactivity. We can create ePubs, embed video, other content, add pop-ups of data, sound, and much more!

So another great way to be creative is to pioneer and explore multiple options, which include ‘blending deliverables.’ In this case, introducing ebooks to infographics. And in many ways they really are the same. With an ebook, it’s content—usually longer text… but usually has some graphics throughout. With an infographic, its content—but more artistic, visually and graphically represented, and not so text heavy. So why not merge the two?

Check out the samples below. And remember, the options are almost infinite with creativity. And with the variety of unlimited design potential, art, and imagination—matched with technology… Anything is possible. 

In the following examples, I started with an ebook— actually, an “InfoBrief” which is a variety of ebook—some text, some graphics. I created this InfoBrief for IDC originally with only that project in mind, and then using that as a model— converted it into several options to show you what “can” be done with any content. And illustrate the hybrid merging of ebook documents and infographics. How they can really work very nicely together.


This example here below is of the original InfoBrief (ebook).



View InfoBrief, online as an “ePub” (electronic online view):

This ePub option allows more interactivity, embedding, social sharing, analytics, pdf download option, animation, and more… Same original InfoBrief, just in ePub format.



Mobile Doc

The same InfoBrief, converted and created as a “mobile document.” A version that can be downloaded and viewed nicely on a mobile device.

View Mobile Doc as a pdf on browser (ideal to view on a mobile device): 


Direct download Mobile Doc as an “ePub”— viewed on device ePub viewer (ideal to view on a mobile device):  


InfoDoc (or eDoc)—

A much more graphical representation of an ebook or InfoBrief. Treating pages with more graphical “oomph”—color, art, layout. AND blending in the infographic components. I took pages of content and created “infographics” on a page, rather than flowing all the text.

The InfoDoc (or eDoc) is a hybrid ebook/infographic. Filling the gap between the two. As shown particularly on page 7— it combines prior ebook pages of content and merges that content into an info-graphical page…

Download and view “pdf” on your device: 

Filling the eBook - InfoGraphic “gap”


Download and view “ePub” on your device: 

Filling the eBook - InfoGraphic “gap”


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